School Council


Albert Park Primary School is fortunate to have an active parent community, who are involved in our school in a myriad of ways. The school council works in partnership with the school to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children.  Providing a high quality learning and whole school experience from prep to year 6 is a priority.  Our school council comprises members of the parent community and staff members.


The school council has three main responsibilities:

  • finance: overseeing the development of the school's annual budget and ensuring proper records are kept
  • strategic planning: participating in the development and monitoring of the school's strategic plan
  • policy development and review: developing, reviewing and updating policies that reflect our school's values

Key functions of the school council includes:

  • raising funds for school related purposes
  • maintaining school grounds and facilities
  • entering into contracts
  • reporting annually to the school community and the Department
  • creating interest in the school in the wider community
  • representing and taking the views of the community into account
  • regulating and facilitating after-hours use of school premises and grounds
  • operating a children’s service at the school

We rely on the generosity of parents - they are generous with their time, skills and money - to provide additional resources to make Albert Park Primary School great. Locally raised funds, through fundraising and voluntary contributions are needed to support our children's education. These funds are required to maintain and upgrade our technology (laptops, computers, Ipads and interactive whiteboards) and our facilities and grounds. Our fundraising events are also a lot of fun (fun-draising...) and a great way to socialise and meet new parents.


We encourage you to get involved. If you have any questions or ideas please talk to any of the school councillors - either catch us in the playground or email us via the school


APPS School Council 2023


The Council elected the following Office Bearers: 


President – Amy Guy

Vice President – Matt Evans

Executive member – Katrina Mildner, Principal

Treasurer – Matthew Borthwick

Parent – Louisa Lobley

Parent – Lindsay Broersma

Parent – Lara Symes

Parent – Jess Obushak

DET – Candice Talbot

DET– Will Davey

DET– Kym Morgan


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