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We are a unique village community, becoming life-long learners with high expectations The Albert Park community values and lives The Albert Park Way.  Albert Park Primary School recognises the importance of a caring and supportive community. At the heart of this is the partnership between school and home.


APW Block w Values

Our aim is to build a community where children thrive, with their wellbeing central to  this and where they are happily engaged with their learning. Our community shares  a commitment to and a responsibility for a happy, inclusive, safe and aspirational  learning environment for all our children. 


The Albert Park Way is a way that is clearly important and embedded in the school    community. 


The Albert Park Way is evident in all relationships in our community.


"We work together and use different points of view, backgrounds and experiences to  create better outcomes for ourselves and each other."


MISSION: to provide a quality education that encourages every student to realise his/her/their fullest potential.


Albert Park PS Vision and Community Values The Albert Park Way


Albert Park Primary School is committed to creating a school community where all members of our school community are welcomed, accepted and treated equitably and with respect regardless of their backgrounds or personal attributes such as gender, race, language, religious beliefs or disability so that they can participate, achieve and thrive at school. Albert Park Primary School acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of backgrounds and experiences in our school community and we will not tolerate behaviours, language or practices that label, stereotype or demean others. The programs at Albert Park Primary School support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to: a) elected government; b) rule of law; c) equal rights for all before the law; d) freedom of religion; e) freedom of speech and association f) the values of openness and tolerance.*


*Schedule 4 clause 1 of the Education and Training regulations 2017.


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