Welcome to Albert Park Primary School

On behalf of the Albert Park Primary School Staff and School Council members, it's my pleasure to extend to all parents and children a warm welcome to our school. APPS is part of a unique village community that's strong in its links and values. At the heart of this caring community are our children.

The Albert Park Way values are at the core of our school - kindness, fairness, respect, listening to each other, determination and resilience. All the while, recognising that each individual in our learning community has their own talents and abilities that need to be nurtured and developed.  

We promote and develop in our children the learning dispositions – create, collaborate, reflect, persist and self-regulate to prepare them as life-long learners with a strong sense of self and confidence to strive for their own goals. We challenge our students and urge them to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself both now and in the future.

As well as high quality Literacy and Numeracy learning experiences, we offer a range of opportunities across the school with specialists for art, music, languages and sport/ Physical Education. Development of high quality STEM learning experiences is a priority for us as a school this year. Technology is used to enhance learning for our students and to provide them with the 21st Century technology skills needed for the future. Critical and creative thinking is another priority this year at APPS – we will be using the Critical and Creative Capability outcomes to develop those high order thinking and creative skills across the curriculum.  

Children’s emotional and social well-being is a high priority at APPS with mindfulness taught at all levels and the BounceBack program running successfully throughout the school for a number of years. Individual needs are met very well by a team of dedicated staff including the Assistant Principal, counsellor and dedicated support staff.  

The transition program for our Prep students are hugely successful and the children settle well at the beginning of their learning journey at APPS.

Our staff are dedicated and relentless in the pursuit of excellence for every child. APPS strives to provide an innovative and engaging learning experience, which promotes individual excellence and develops social responsibility. We aim to instil a lifelong love of learning through meaningful and challenging activities, within a safe and caring environment.  

Our teachers have a strong culture of professional development which is evident in their team planning and use of data to enhance teaching and learning. We build on the success that our children experience and work with them and our parents to support further improvement.

We have a wonderfully supportive parent community who work in partnership with the school. Our community together, creates a sense of belonging and support for each other.

We aim to develop:
  • Successful learners
  • Creative and confident individuals
  • Active and informed citizens
  • Encouraging and supportive community members
Our year six students are well-prepared when they leave the school. Their leadership skills are well developed and they understand how to make positive contributions to our local and global community. They are well-rounded, independent and successful learners.

I hope that this will provide you with the information you need and also give you a sense of what makes Albert Park special and unique. If you need further information please come in and ask. Visits for prospective parents to the school are most welcome. These can be arranged by telephoning or visiting the school office. 

Katrina Mildner

© 2021 Albert Park Primary School