FETE 2018


This year we have a dedicated website for all your fete-related information - click here

For now, please save the date and start spreading the word!

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Premier's Reading Challenge

Please follow this link :  PRC CONSENT FORM


The school sends communication regarding events via the Konnective app. This includes notification of upcoming events, camps updates, open classrooms, special days and fundraising alerts.  

Step 1 Download the app. and follow the instructions

Step 2 Answer ‘yes’ to push notifications.

If you have trouble you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the school office.

If you do not have a smartphone you are still able to access Konnective via the website:


CSEF Financial Assistance for Families

Dear Families,

The Victorian Government has introduced a Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) to assist eligible families to cover the costs of theses activities.

If you hold a valid concession card you may be eligible for CSEF to the amount of $125 per students (Primary).

Please contact the school office to obtain a form or dowland to following attachment.  csefapplicationform

Closing date for applications is 26 June 2015


For more information:

Parent Helpers (WWC Checks)


Dear parents, helpers and volunteers,

Our school is very blessed by having a huge number of parent helpers working in the classroom, attending excursions, clubs, the garden and the library. As a risk assessment strategy we will now require all parents/grandparents and helpers/volunteers to have a Working with Children Check. This will enable you to work with individuals or small groups of children.

Please follow the links below for information on how to apply.

The WWC Check is a minimum checking standard set by the Working with Children Act 2005 for those who work with children, either on a paid or voluntary basis.
To be a volunteer at a school a Working with Children Card provided by the Department of Justice is required. This card is:
• valid for 5 years
• transferable between volunteer organisations
• free of charge for volunteers, but cannot be used for paid employment.

By entering Albert Park Primary School as your volunteer organization, we will receive a copy of your WWC when it is processed. If you have a valid WWC please bring your card to the office to be photocopied.

Elaine Mills

Nude Food

Nude Food – What is it? Why do we need it?

On the first day of Term 2 2014, Grade 5 students did a litter audit of the school and surrounding area. 814 pieces of rubbish were found! The common items found were soft plastics (e.g. cling wrap, scrunchable plastic), hard plastic (e.g. drink bottles, yoghurt containers) and a mix of paper, straws and even padlocks and polystyrene.

Introducing Nude Food!

What is it? Nude Food is food with little or no packaging.
What do you need? Snacks and lunch in reusable containers.Drinks in reusable containers.

What to reduce - lunches in plastic bags, cling wrap or foil.
- single use drink boxes, bottles, cartons or pouches

Nude Food Tip No. 1
Discuss with your child what they like to eat and how much.

Bin audits in schools show large quantities of unopened pre-packaged foods, including single-serve yoghurts, cheese sticks, sandwiches, uneaten apples/fruit and many near full fruit boxes being thrown away. This costs your family money as well as creating waste.

Parents and students - pack a Nude Food lunch box to reduce litter at Albert Park PS and stop litter travelling to the Bay.