Music in 2017

Music learning across the whole school

Students are developing music skills through singing, playing, moving, and listening to music. The students are encouraged to develop well-pitched and expressive singing, as well as a sense of beat and rhythmic feel and response. They are encouraged to listen with concentration and imagination, developing stories from abstract sound. Students use body percussion, as well as a large array of un-tuned (drums etc.) and tuned (xylophones etc.) percussion instruments, in a variety of class ensembles.

Students develop skills in solfa singing and listening (do, re, me etc.), and they enjoy group singing and singing games. The children listen for stories in music and find inspiration for movement and body expression.

Students practise improvisation and composition using all kinds of sound sources.

All students have the opportunity to perform within class and to their peers and school community through assemblies and other school events.

As well as the music making, gr 5 and 6 students are also involved in drama activities aimed at developing presentation skills, improvisation, and creative thinking.

Special events in Term 1

  •           Harmony Day School choir: Year 3-6 students are invited to join a special school choir which will perform at our Harmony Day Assembly. The first rehearsal is on Friday 3rd March. There will be opportunities later in the year to join and perform at other functions.
  • Assembly Performances: Several classes will perform at our Friday assemblies. Class teachers will let you know when students are performing.
  •            Preps performing at the APPS Fete! Older students will perform together on our school Marimbas.
  •            ANAM: Australian National Academy of Music students will be coming to our school to perform for students in small chamber ensembles. These performances will be held in March. Each APPS student will attend one of these short concerts. The children will benefit in many ways, not least of which is the importance of experiencing beauty close at hand. Students have the opportunity to understand the sound of an instrument that they may consider learning to play. This relationship with ANAM is a wonderful and rare gift to students at the school.
  •   Our friends at the Port Phillip Men’s Shed have finished making one Marimba for us and are well underway to finishing a mighty Bass Marimba. I will post some photos of these wonderful instruments in the end of term newsletter.


Michael Roper

Music Teacher