Music in 2017


Special Music Events in Term 4 2017:

MCUI 2017

On Thursday November 2nd at 12.30pm our whole school will sing the same song as children all over Australia. This year the song is ‘Shine Together’. (Find it on YouTube). This performance will also include Music teachers from Kidko and Albert Park College instrumental students.

We would love parents to sing or play instruments at this event.  

If you or your family members would like to join our large instrumental ensemble, please let me know and I will send you some music to learn. All levels of skill are welcome. It’s all about participation and making music with your children.

Gr2 Choir

This term all the grade 2 students will meet together each Friday after lunch for Gr2 choir. This is an opportunity to introduce a choral experience to the children.

Ukulele Club

Each Wednesday lunch time from 1-1.25pm. Any child may bring their own Ukulele from home and learn the 4 chords needed to play the song Shine Together (music count us in). The Ukulele has only four strings, lots of easy chords and a child friendly size.

Important dates

October 20              Assembly performance 4 Karly

November 2nd      12.30pm Music Count Us In. Whole school and community performance. Please join in!

November 10         Assembly performance All grade 3 for Remembrance Day choral performance.

November 17         Assembly performance All gr 1 performing for French Day

November 24         Assembly performance 4 Jeremy

December 15         Assembly performance Gr2 choir (all the grade two students)

December 19th      End of Year Celebration concert and picnic after school. All children will perform.

December 22         Final Assembly performance Gr6 Graduation song

Music learning across the whole school:

Students are developing music skills through singing, playing, moving, and listening to music. The students are encouraged to develop well-pitched and expressive singing, as well as a sense of beat and rhythmic feel and response. They are encouraged to listen with concentration and imagination, developing stories from abstract sound. Students use body percussion, as well as a large array of un-tuned (drums etc.) and tuned (xylophones etc.) percussion instruments, in a variety of class ensembles.

Students develop skills in solfa singing and listening (do, re, me etc.), and they enjoy group singing and singing games. The children listen for stories in music and find inspiration for movement and body expression.

Students practise improvisation and composition using all kinds of sound sources.

All students have the opportunity to perform within class and to their peers and school community through assemblies, school concerts and special events.

 Music Term 3


Michael Roper

Classroom Music Teacher