In the Art room!

Welcome from your new Art Teacher! It has been a busy start to the year doing lots of organising! There have been supplies, materials and stacks of old artworks that have needed to be sorted from years past.

The first couple of weeks will be spent learning the rules and routines of the art room, as well as learning that art is not just about creating. In the new Victorian Curriculum, there are well-defined strands to teach to throughout the year. They are: Explore and Express Ideas, Practices, Present and Perform, and Respond and Interpret. I will be covering each of these areas with all grade levels each term so students are able to have a meaningful experience of their own and others’ artworks. Each project will be scaled to the ability and skills of the students across each grade level.

In Term 1, our focus is Art in Nature.

Prep, Grade 1 and 2- Students will be making fish in response to the book The Rainbow Fish. Each grade level will be using different colours, techniques and tools to create different effects on their fish. Once finished the fish will be displayed in the school. We also will be tying the themes of the book to The Albert Park Way values and making new friends at the beginning of the school year.

Students will then study the patterns and shapes in printing with natural objects. We will be discussing the 6 Elements of Art (Colour and Value, Line, Shape, Space, Texture, and Form) in the prints we make as well as discovering the beauty and art elements out in nature.

Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6- Students will be studying main art elements in nature. We have begun by looking at trees and leaves. Each student will use a variety of materials and techniques to create their own leaf in any shape or size. We will hopefully be hanging them up to create a large tree canopy to work underneath for the year. This is to illustrate to students that each of us will produce something different and bring different talents and interests to the art room.

Later in the term we will be looking closely at 1 of the 6 Art Elements through selected media. Each grade level will be learning a different technique to use with that media and students’ artwork will be displayed around the school!

Make it club- There will be a weekly lunchtime club on Thursdays from 12:50-1:30pm where students are welcome to come and make different creations. Stay tuned to additional opportunities that might pop up throughout the term to become more involved in the visual arts.

Rachel Lehrner

Visual Arts Teacher

Albert Park Primary School