Welcome to Prep 2019

The teachers in Prep this year are Amanda Craig, Sophie Houlden, Prue Smith and Andrea Eales.

Welcome to Term 3 of Prep 2019

In Term 3 the students in Prep will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Wednesday 31 July with a dress-up day! The theme for the day will be “What will you look like when you are 100?’.

More information will come via Konnective


Literacy – Reading

During Term Three, the Prep students will continue to be presented with a variety of rich literature and text. The home reading program and Parent helpers is now in full swing.

The students will be supported using the Daily Five Café Reading strategies.

C.A.F.E being an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary.

You can research more about this program at:

This term, our focus in reading sessions will include:

  • Continuing to building stamina and a connection to reading- please allow your child to hold their own book when reading!
  • Using the picture - Do the words and pictures match? (accuracy)
  • Chunking letters and their sounds together (accuracy)
  • Answering questions and retelling the story (comprehension)

Letters and Sounds

The Letters and Sounds program continues with the little Pocket Rocket books as we focus on teaching blends of letters and the corresponding sound. This will support both reading and writing skills.


During Term Three, students will be working on writing their ideas in simple sentences. The aim of writing sessions will be to developing independence and the opportunities to just ‘have a go’ at writing using the sounds heard in a word. It is important at this stage to allow the students to explore and be confident with their own writing attempts. As the students build their confidence, Prep writing will often include:

  • Drawing, copying including High Frequency Words
  • Talking about writingand reading what has been written
  • Exploring different ways to write (labels, letters and cards, recounts of our weekend and lists)
  • Writing the sounds heard and having a go at spelling
  • Experimenting with punctuation- (Capital letters, spaces and full stops)
  • Using ideas to add more to each writing task
  • Handwriting – lower case Victorian cursive


This term the students will be continuing to develop their maths vocabulary, number awareness and place value with a focus on counting forwards and backwards, recognising, recording and making numbers up to and then beyond 20 using concrete materials (ten frames, unifix blocks and pop sticks). They will explore addition, subtraction and areas of measurement learning through stories and hands on experiences.

Integrated Studies

This term the Prep students are asking the big question- What do living things need to survive? We will be building understanding of life cycles and posing questions exploring needs and wants of living things.

The Albert Park Way

The Albert Park Way (our school community’s code of conduct for establishing and maintaining positive relationships) is integrated into all curriculum areas and we will be unpacking each value with a focus on kindness this term. The five values of the Albert Park Way are:

  • Be Kind and Fair
  • Act Safely
  • Respect Everyone’s Rights
  • One Voice at a Time
  • Keep Trying

Communication and Diary Dates

Information, regular updates, and resources will be posted through the app Konnective and on the school website at All forms and notices are available in PDF form on the school website. The Prep Take Home Folder is a good way to send daily information to your child’s teacher. Please let your child know if there is a note to be passed on.

Parents will receive updates on their child’s learning and areas for improvement in all areas of the curriculum via the Seesaw app.

Monday July 15th will be the first day of Term 3

Enrolment 2020

For general enrolment enquiries: email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.