Welcome to Prep 2019

The teachers in Prep this year are Amanda Craig, Sophie Houlden, Prue Smith and Andrea Eales.

Welcome to Prep 2019

The Teachers this year are, Prue Smith, Andrea Eales, Sophie Houlden and Amanda Craig.

Congratulations to our Prep students and their families on a wonderful start to 2019. We are all very proud of how well everyone has settled into the routines of school and look forward to a wonderful year of learning together.

Literacy in Term 1

During Term One the Prep students will be introduced to a variety of rich literature and text. As an integral part of literacy, our Letters and Sounds program begins with a focus on tuning in to listening, rhythm, rhyme and learning the letters of the alphabet with their corresponding sound. It won’t take long before we to begin blending sounds together to read words! We will commence the Home Reading program soon with little Pocket Rocket books, which aim to foster a love of literature while developing confidence with early reading skills. The text within these books has been carefully linked to the sounds we will be learning at school.

Numeracy in Term 1

The students will participate in the Maths Online Interview during their Wednesday Assessment visit and this will be used to support hands on activities to promote number awareness. They will be developing their knowledge of the number system through our weekly number focus. This in-depth understanding of each number will involve students recognising, recording and making numbers 1 – 10. Students have been practising counting forwards and backwards using a number chart, bead frame and other concrete materials.  They have also been learning about the attributes of 2D shapes (circle, rectangle, square and triangle) and been introduced to the concepts of time…

Integrated Studies

This term we are focusing on the topic “Who am I”.

We will also be learning about:

  • Every Face Has a Place
  • The Albert Park Way
  • The school buildings, grounds and teachers
  • Why people go to school
  • The people who work at our school and their roles, routines and systems
  • The ways we can get along with each other

Some Dates for your Diary

These dates were correct at the time of publication, however, please check the school website, Konnective and your child’s Take Home Folder for any updated calendar events and possible date changes.

Tuesday 5th February- Open classrooms and Welcome picnic

Wednesday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th - Assessment Days

(please make sure you have made your child’s appointment time)

Thursday 28th February- ‘Socks and Chocs’ Day - donation of chocolates for the Fete - wear bright socks

Saturday March 2nd- APPS Fete - Prep Parade

Monday 4th March - First full week of school (including Wednesday)

Monday 11th March - Labour Day Public Holiday

Friday 15th March- School Photo Day

Monday 18th March - Curriculum Day - No School for Students

Thursday 20th- Parent Teacher interviews grades 1-6

Friday 5th April- Last day of term - school finishes at 2.30 - children are able to wear casual clothes.

Term 2

Tuesday 23rd April is the first day of Term 2