Grade 5

The Grade Five teachers for 2017 are Cam Smith, Jane Coker and Clare Kearney. The Grade Five classroom are locate in the three story portables on Victoria Ave, Jane and Clare are on the middle level and Cam is located at the very top.

Term 2 2017


In Reading, we will be covering the CAFE reading strategies of visualise, summarise the text, include sequence of events and interpret directly stated information. Reading stimulus will also come from our Integrated Studies unit. In Writing, students will be working on text types including narrative, persuasive and discussions. Students will also continue working on developing their writing skills in the VCOP and Big Write programs.


In Maths, students will start the term by working on 2D shapes and 3D objects. We will also be covering the 4 operations and solving problems within those areas. Students will investigate chance and probability, focussing on the likelihood of events occurring. In the weeks leading up to NAPLAN, students will be revising strategies to assist them in their performance. In addition to this, Jane Battrick will be assisting students who are participating in the Maths Competition in July once a week. The students not doing the competition will be working in smaller groups with their classroom teachers.


We will be spending the first month of term completing our science unit from term one (adaptations). We then will move on to a unit on Chemistry. The unit will be taught with the support of Stile (an online and interactive website). Some tasks from this may be set as homework to further support and reinforce what we have learnt in class.

Integrated Studies

The integrated studies unit for this term is based around Design and Technologies. The students will be designing a vision for the future of Port Phillip with a focus on Sustainability. The students will also be reinforcing the Albert Park Learning Dispositions, which help students understand how they can become active and successful learners.

In addition, students will be consolidating knowledge of e-Smart practise and mindfulness. They will be able to see the benefits for learning, wellbeing, social and emotional development


The Grade 5 students will be participating in the NAPLAN assessments during Week 4 (May 9-11).


This term, students will continue to complete homework tasks on the Grade Five Homework website ( These homework tasks will relate to the learning in English, Mathematics and integrated studies. Most new homework tasks will be assigned on Wednesdays and will require submission the following Wednesday. In addition to set tasks it is expected that students read for a minimum of 15 minutes a night.  

Student Diaries

Students and parents will continue to use their 2017 student diary. This diary provides students with the opportunity to plan their school week, homework, extracurricular activities and record special events. Students will be expected to have their diaries at school each day and signed weekly.


In Sport, students will be learning the rules and skills of hockey and will participate in a gala day in Week 3. District cross-country trials will be happening early in mid-May.

be on the 3rd of March and Division swimming on 10th of March.