Grade 5

The Grade Five teachers for 2019 are Drew Murphy, Linda Perkins, Clare Kearney and Victoria Peterson.



In Reading, students will read the class novel Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. Through this text, we will focus on identifying author’s voice and his use of show and don’t tell within a story to convey meaning and information. Students will also continue to develop their own reading strategies and apply them to their individual reading goals, reflecting weekly on their strategies and progress.

In Writing, students will continue to use their own Writer’s Notebook to build their crafting skills. They will use mentor texts to study how authors structure their writing, including non-fiction and poetic texts.

Opportunities to develop Speaking and Listening skills will be integrated throughout all our units of work. Skills that will be developed through Guided Reading Groups, small and large group discussions and writing about reading in their reading journal are:

  • Active listening and questioning - asking questions to clarify any content that is confusing or unclear
  • Forming a point of view and explaining reasons for it based on evidence
  • Public speaking – build confidence to contribute actively to class and group discussions


In Maths, the proficiencies of Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning underpin all we do. The topics students will work on are budgeting and money management, location and mapping time and elapse time as well as some revision of past concepts.

The Albert Park Way and Learning Dispositions

The Albert Park Way of Be Kind, Act Safely, Respect Others’ Rights, One Voice at a Time and Keep Trying will be revised and students will determine what that looks like at their new Grade 5 level. They will also explore how the 5 Learning Dispositions of Self Regulate, Collaborate, Reflect, Persist and Create enhance our daily life in Grade 5. Mindfulness practice and Growth Mindset are imbedded into our daily schedule in conjunction with the 5 Learning Dispositions.


Students are really excited about our inquiry unit this term which links geology and earth science. Students will be able to decided their own learning journey, choosing a country and geological disaster to focus on. They will investigate and ask questions in order to answer our guiding question of ‘What impact do sudden geological changes and extreme weather events have upon community, places and people?’ Students will then have some choice over how they communicate their information to others.


Homework tasks consist of reading at home for a minimum of 20 minutes per night and Mathletics tasks set by the classroom teacher. The Mathletics tasks will be related to classroom work to boost students’ understanding and fluency in the specific areas being covered. Any work that has not been finished during the allotted classroom time will be sent home for the student to finish. From time to time there may be extra tasks set for homework which will be written in your child’s diary.

Student Diaries

Students have a 2019 Diary. This diary provides students with the opportunity to plan their school week, homework, extracurricular activities and record special events. Students will be expected to have their diaries at school each day and signed weekly. All home reading will be recorded in this diary. Students will write down the book they are reading, title and author and the pages they read.