Grade 2

The teachers in Grade 2 in 2017 are Cassie, Heidi, Julie-Anne and Zeke.

Welcome to grade 2 Term 1 2017.

We are excited to present the following Integrated Studies topic this term for our new Grade 2 Students: “The Albert Park Learner”. This will be focused on understanding our learning dispositions, which are to Persist, Reflect, Collaborate, Create, Self-Regulate and developing our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skills. We will also be studying biology for our Science focus, entitled “Watch it Grow”.

Our homework for Term 1 will be to complete our nightly reading of at least 10 minutes with an adult and recording this in our Reading Journals. In the front cover of your child’s Reading Journal book there will be a page to assist with this task. Please ensure this reading task is completed each night from Monday to Thursday nights. This will assist our class work as it will ensure that your child builds confidence in their reading and writing skills.

In Grade 2, it is each child’s responsibility to bring both their Communication Folder and Reading Folder to school each morning. Their Communication Folder contains a school diary which is to be used for communication between you and your child’s teacher. Diaries will be checked frequently, however if there is something particularly urgent please alert your classroom teacher.

We will be using the Daily 5 Literacy CAFE program in our classrooms. You can research more about this program at:


Our Mathematics program is based on the “Big Ideas in Number” developed in collaboration with Professor Di Siemon of RMIT University. You can learn more about this approach

We will also be using the Mathletics program as part of our homework. Students will have the same login information as they have been allocated, however we will begin this homework task later in the term, after students have been given a refresher course on how to use Mathletics and some of the features of the Mathletics portal.

More information can be found Please note, you do not need to purchase an additional Mathletics login as it is included in our school program.

In addition to these subjects, the students will also be participating in French with Dora, Physical Education with Kate, Art with Rachel and Music with Michael.

Lunch orders can be completed online or using an envelope with money that is sent out from our classroom by 9:15 am each day. More information about this can be found here:


We will welcome Parent Helpers into our classroom for the duration 2017 year. We will allocate a roster and this occur from Week 3 of term 1.

If you require a meeting with us, please enquire at the General Office, however we will be in the playground after school following dismissal each day if you need to chat casually.

Students with medical issues such as anaphylaxis, asthma or other areas of concern must complete a Medical Action Plan provided by the General Office. Please see Jedda to complete this process to ensure that we are fully informed of any concerns.

Kind regards,

Grade 2 Teachers- Cassie, Julie-Anne, Heidi and Zeke.