VAGO Additional School Costs to Families Report


You may have read in the press that the Victorian Auditor-General has released a report on school costs for parents.


In response to the report's findings, the Minister for Education has asked the Department of Education and Training to review its parent payment policy.


As a result of any changes to the Department's policy, we will work with our school council to update our own policy 2013 Parent Payment Policy


We don't expect any changes until later in 2015 and we will let you know well in advance.


The Department's parent payment policy is what we use to guide us in deciding what we will ask you to pay each year.


We review our own parent payment policy, in conjunction with our school council, on a yearly basis and notify you of any changes through our newsletter.


Our aim is to ensure our policy meets parents' expectations, while also ensuring that all of our students are able to participate in the programs we offer.


Our policy sets out what we ask you to pay for to support your child's learning, such as books and stationery, and what we ask for optional extracurricular activities.


Our policy also sets out what we ask parents to make voluntary contributions to, and where these funds will be directed (for example, to assist with new building and grounds works, or purchasing library and sports equipment.)


As always, if you have any queries, or would like to discuss how the school can support you in financial matters, please call Leesa on 96999090.