Grant Application - please vote for us!

We need YOUR help to secure a $10,000 grant for the school from the Bank of Melbourne

All you need to do is go to the Bank of Melbourne Facebook page and vote for our shortlisted project. In each of the five categories the project with the most votes gets the $10,000 grant. VOTING CLOSES 21ST October. You will also be in the running to win $500 yourself by voting.

Our project is under the EDUCATION category and is titled ALBERT PARK PRIMARY SMALL SPACE GARDEN PROGRAMME. We are seeking funding to support the kitchen garden programme we hope to implement at the school. Please encourage as many people as possible to vote as we need more votes than the other projects to win. If you have a business and are happy to put up a flyer asking your patrons to vote, see me. Thank you.

Below is an extract from the grant submission that got us shortlisted

Albert Park Primary school sits in the heart of the Albert Park community and is accessible to the wider community outside of school hours. We aim to teach the students at Albert Park Primary and the wider community how to grow and cook their own food in very small spaces. We have identified spaces to grow food and spaces to cook, but now need the equipment and teaching staff to make it happen. We will have an extensive communication strategy to ensure that the lessons reach the wider community. In the local area space is an absolute premium but we aim to demonstrate that anybody can grow food for themselves and their family and put healthy meals on the table grown in their own garden or even a window box. Starting with primary age children sets up lifelong habits that ensure a healthy and more sustainable community.

When the project is realised we will have a fully productive garden at the school, We will have in place a teaching kitchen that can be utilised by the school and the wider community to teach the children , their families and the community how to cook healthy meals with minimal environmental impact. We will also have fully funded teaching programmes integrated into the school curriculum that make food production a fundamental and fun part of the learning experience covering as many curriculum areas as possible The project will minimise the environmental impact of the school and support the increased awareness of sustainability. The wider community will have a focal point and facilities to learn about food production. We will be able to utilise the existing hall as a communal eating space where students and community can enjoy the food they have grown and cooked.

If you need any more information see Pippa Connolly ( School council, Environment sub committee)