Grade 1

2017 Grade 1

The teachers in Grade 1 in 2017: Breannan, Shelley, Masa, Prue and Michael.


Welcome to Term 4 2017!


Every day students complete their Daily 5; Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing and Word Work (Letters and Sounds).

The Grade 1 teachers will continue to work alongside each student to ensure that they have an individual reading goal based on the C.A.F.E Literacy program (C.A.F.E being an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary), focused at their point of need.

Each student has received a reading goal from the Cafe Literacy. Teachers monitor the progress made on these reading goals by reading with each student twice a week in guided reading sessions. The Parent Pipeline sheet outlines what their goal is and how you, as their parent/ guardian, can assist them in achieving their objective.

In Term 4, students will continue to learn a range of comprehension and accuracy strategies based on the C.A.F.E menu.


In writing this term, students will focus on writing recounts, information reports and narratives. Every Thursday students will complete a Big Write session, which allows them to write freely about a given stimulus with no interruptions. Conferencing groups and one-on-one conferences occur most sessions, thus enabling teachers to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that students are catered for on an individual basis.

Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds rotational groups continue to run this term. In Letters and Sounds students learn a range of common letters blends and spelling patterns to improve their spelling and phonemic awareness. Students will be encouraged to utilise their knowledge of the sounds they have learnt to improve their reading and writing skills.


Mathematics in Term 4 will focus on the following areas:

• Place value: multiplication and division

• Location and Transformation

• Measurement

At the beginning of each maths lesson students will take part in number fluency tasks to improve their number knowledge. Ask your children to teach you these games at home! Students will also participate in a range of hands on activities based on mathematics in the real world.

Integrated Studies and Science

This term Grade 1 students will be completing a Earth and Space Science unit exploring weather. Students will perform a number of experiments to predict and observe how thermometers work to measure temperature, how to make clouds and how extreme weather forces such as cyclones are formed.

Later in the term students will learn about cultural celebrations. Students will be invited to share their own family history and celebrations and learn from each other.

Parent/ Teacher communication

Any queries or brief messages can be sent via your child's Communication Diary. Parents are also able to meet with their child’s teacher at a mutually convenient time to discuss relevant issues and concerns. Please make a time with your child’s teacher.

Information, regular updates, and resources will be posted through the app Konnective and on the school website at All forms and notices are available in their PDF form on the school website.

In term 1 we introduced the digital portfolio app Seesaw which provides a window into the learning occurring at school. We will continue to update Seesaw with notes, photos and videos of student achievement in our classrooms.

Specialist Programs

Our specialist programs include The Arts, Languages Other Than English (LOTE) French, Physical Education and Music.


Please ensure that all medication and management plans - especially epiPens - are current for your child.


Drink Bottles: Please send your child to school with a drink bottle for water. This may be kept on their desk throughout the day.

Hats: Albert Park is a SunSmart school. The outlines for this policy may be accessed on the school website. Please ensure your child brings a school hat to be worn between September and April. Sunscreen is available in each classroom.

Lunch Orders: All students are welcome to order lunches from the Renatta Catering Canteen. This may be done online at

Punctuality: All classes begin at 9am. Classrooms open at 8:50 for students to ensure class begins at 9am. Students who arrive late must go to the office to complete a Late Arrival notice.

Attendance: All absences must be approved by the school. You may notify the school of an absence via a phone call to the office or by sending an Absence Note on the following day. A standard notice is available at the office.